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Blue Coast Savings Consultants
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Savings is one of the fastest growing business models in the U.S. Companies need savings.

Savings is SMART!

Companies need to focus on SAVINGS to stay afloat.

Companies can only make money in 2 ways…Cut Costs or Increase Sales
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Blue Coast is the most trusted name in Business Consulting.

More income streams than any business in America.

State of the art training and support to provide instant success.

Proprietary process ensures your success.
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Marketing is the life-blood of any business.

No one in the country does anything like us with marketing.

We offer pre-set appointments*, referral-based marketing,networking groups, sub-advisors and more!
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High tech high touch training system for quick start.

Live video webinars.

Revolutionary system to help “earn while you learn.”

Weekly coaching / support sessions

What is Blue Coast Savings Consultants?

Blue Coast excels in Savings Consulting, one of the fastest growing, unique business opportunities in the United States.  Companies hire us to save them money! As a Savings Consultant for Blue Coast, your job is to find those savings. Think about it this way…Companies become profitable by either selling more or spending less. Blue Coast Savings Consultants focuses on helping companies “spend less” without changing the way they do business. Working together with a team of Blue Coast business experts, we’ll find and evaluate cost-saving products and programs for businesses of all sizes. The result is often substantial cost savings for them and residual income for you – immediately and for years to come.

What is Savings Consulting?


Blue Coast Marketing Support

  • Only company of its kind to offer Pre-Set Qualified Appointments*
  • Proprietary Savings Assessment Tool used to demonstrate savings immediately during your first client meeting. Blue Coast pioneered the use of this marketing technology to make your job easy
  • Referral Based Marketing System
  • Easy Business Expansion: We help you leverage your time to easily expand your business by training and supporting your Sub-Advisor team

Why Join Blue Coast

  • One of the premiere Cost-Recovery companies in America
  • More income streams, products, sales support and more training than any other business opportunity in the U.S.
  • The Total Package: training and mentoring… marketing… and National Account Managers who help you close business
  • Proprietary Business Assessment Tool
  • World-class Closing Desk; and the only one of it’s kind in America
  • Full-time, Part-time or Flex-time

* Pre-set appointments are available through outside vendors at prices set by the outside vendors. Blue Coast does not receive any profit from the pre-set appointments and the use of pre-set appointments by the consultants is totally optional.